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A one-of-its-kind podcast for all things fertility and modern family building, created to help hopeful intended parents, courageous surrogates, and passionate egg donors get clarity around their path and fulfill their dreams.

We’re going to focus on all aspects of the fertility journey – from finding the right clinic and best reproductive endocrinologists, to navigating the egg and embryo donation process, to the ins-and-out of surrogacy including medical, legal, and financial aspects. We will bring you refreshingly honest talks about fertility and what it takes to build the beautiful family of your dreams. You will learn everything you need to know directly from the experts, so you are empowered to make the right decision and your journey is filled with peace & joy.

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Surrogacy Psychological Screening
with Angela R. Bethea-Walsh, Ph.D

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Ep. 16 Gaining Fertility Benefits and Insurance Coverage with Advocate Davina Fankhauser

Available September 4


Ep. 17 Part 1 Broken Brown Egg at the Fertility Cafe: Personal Stories of Infertility in the African-American Community

Available September 11


Ep. 17 Part 2 Broken Brown Egg at the Fertility Cafe: Personal Stories of Infertility in the African-American Community

Available September 18


Ep. 18 Independent Surrogacy: Learn How Surrogacy Without an Agency IS Possible

Available September 25


Ep. 19 | Adoption v. Surrogacy: What to Consider No Matter What Path You Choose

Available October 2


Ep. 20 | Surrogacy Psychological Screening

Available October 9


Fertility Café is designed to not just inspire you and show you the possibilities, but to give you real–world guidance, personalized support, and actionable next–steps around the modern family building process you can take immediate action to fulfill your family dream. Fertility Café is a place for intended parents ready to create a family legacy, courageous surrogates inspired to give the gift of parenthood, and empowered egg donors looking to make a difference.

Understanding fertility is as important as the dreams that have been residing in you! Take a step forward and empower yourself with the right knowledge. Your future self will thank you for it!

We Get It!

After being in the reproduction field for nearly two decades, we totally get your struggles, the questions popping into your mind, and the whole gamut of emotions you’re going through. 

These questions are there for a reason — to help you make sense of what’s going on.
And each episode of Fertility Café will give you answers to your burning fertility and family building questions! 

Latest Episode


Ep. 20 | Surrogacy Psychological Screening

Dr. Bethea-Walsh talks about the psychological evaluations and mental health consultations that kick off a surrogacy journey.

Recent Episode


Ep. 19 | Adoption V. Surrogacy: What to Consider No Matter What Path You Choose

A common misconception is that adoption and surrogacy are the same thing. They are not.  

In this episode, Eloise Drane shares her thoughts on these distinct family-building options and she presents the primary considerations to keep in mind if you find yourself deciding between these two distinguishable paths to parenthood.  

Recent Episode

Ep. 18 | Independent Surrogacy: Learn How Surrogacy Without An Agency IS Possible

After being in the industry for now 20 years, Eloise has become increasingly troubled by the realization that a huge percentage of people can’t fulfill their dreams of parenthood because of the staggering costs. Because of this, Eloise is on a mission to make it known that you CAN do surrogacy without an agency. Today, she let's you know exactly how it's done.


Recent Episode

Ep. 17 Part 2 | Broken Brown Egg at the Fertility Cafe: Personal Stories of Infertility in the African-American Community

Join us for Part 2 of Regina Townsend - founder of The Broken Brown Egg - and Eloise Drane's very important dialogue of reproductive health and fertility among African American women.

Recent Episode

Ep. 17 Part 1 | Broken Brown Egg at the Fertility Cafe: Personal Stories of Infertility in the African-American Community

Together, Regina Townsend - founder of The Broken Brown Egg - and Eloise are partnering to encourage other Black women to begin this very important dialogue of reproductive health and fertility.

Recent Episode

Ep. 16 | Gaining Fertility Benefits and Insurance Coverage with Advocate Davina Fankhauser

With only thirteen states requiring insurance companies to cover infertility treatment, securing fertility benefits through your health insurance company is a hot topic. So where do you start in advocating for fertility benefits and coverage for infertility treatments? And how often do insurance companies agree to add the coverage?

Recent Episode

Ep. 15 | Becoming an Egg Donor: Do You REALLY Understand the Donation Process?

Thinking about becoming an egg donor? Listen in as Eloise answers all of your lingering questions about the egg donation process so that you can move through this journey with confidence and make your egg donation journey a fulfilling one. 

Recent Episode

Ep. 14 | You CAN Do This! A 5-Time Gestational Surrogate Tells Her Story

You've been thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate for a while now. For months, maybe even years, you've thought about what it would be like to give someone the precious gift of motherhood or fatherhood. So what's stopping you from pursing your calling? In this week's episode, Eloise talks with 5-time surrogate Rebekah Hills about the highs and not-so-highs of surrogacy.

Recent Episode

Ep. 13 | Becoming a Surrogate: Do You REALLY Understand the Process?

Why your BMI is so important? The psychological evaluation and the role of mood stabilizing drugs. Why the receipt of government assistance is a disqualifier. And yes, even the topic of termination and selective reduction. Let's discuss the more complicated and emotionally charged surrogacy topics specifically relevant to your journey to become a surrogate.

Recent Episode

Ep. 12 | A Spouse's Perspective on His Wife Becoming a Surrogate

You want to become a surrogate, but you're wondering how to make sure your partner or spouse is on board with your decision? Eloise's husband Anthony joins her to have an open, honest, and REAL discussion about a spouse's reaction to his wife becoming a surrogate.

Recent Episode


Ep. 11 | Surrogacy Laws: What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Journey

When it comes to the legalities of parenthood using a surrogate, you do NOT want to cut any corners. This is a must listen for anyone new to surrogacy – don’t start your journey without understanding your rights and the legalities of the country or state you reside in.

Recent Episode


Ep. 10 | How to Find Your Best Egg Donor

Deciding to undergo IVF with donor eggs is a major step on your fertility journey. How can you find an egg donor that’s perfect for you and your future family?

Featured Episodes

Ep. 01 | Modern Family Building
What It Is (and Isn't!)

Sometimes it takes more than two to make a baby…

Find out about the alternative ways to build a family when the old fashioned way isn’t working or doesn’t apply.


Past Episodes

Ep. 03 | Black Woman and Infertility:
Real Talk with Dr. Monica Best

Why does fertility remain a taboo topic in the African American community?

One of Atlanta’s top Reproductive Endocrinologists, Dr. Monica Best, shares her perspective.

Past Episodes

Ep. 02 | Surrogacy 101: When It Takes a Village To Start a Family

So you want to be a surrogate, huh?

Make sure you understand what it takes and how the surrogacy journey unfolds from start to finish.


Past Episode

Ep. 04 | Egg Donation 101: When It Takes a Village To Start a Family

You’ve got the sperm, but not the egg.

Find out how you go about finding an egg donor and how the egg donation process works.

Past Episode


Ep. 05 | Embryo Donation 101

What happens to the extra embryos created during IVF?

Learn how the embryo donation process works and how you can donate (or receive) these precious “snowflake” babies


Past Episodes

Ep. 06 | Family Building Financials: Talking Escrow + Taxes with Sonia Stewart

When you are spending or receiving tens of thousands of dollars, you need to make sure your money is taken care of.

CPA Sonia Stewart is an expert in the financial side of third-party reproduction and answers all your burning questions about taxes, escrow, funding, and more.

Past Episode

Ep. 07 | Dr. Camille Hammond on Overcoming Infertility & Providing Hope Through Fertility Grants

Infertility advocate Dr. Camille Hammond discusses her infertility journey and gives you a look inside the Cade Foundation and the fertility grant process.

Past Episode

Ep. 08 | Six-Time Egg Donor and Three-Time Surrogate Eloise Drane Shares Her Story

What inspires a woman to donate her eggs six times and serve as a gestational surrogate three times? Listen as Eloise Drane shares the details of every step of the journey, from her first donation (though not her eggs!) to actualizing her dream of starting the first surrogacy and egg donation agency in the South.

Past Episode

Ep. 09 | Make Me a Match: How to Find the Right Woman to Be Your Surrogate

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in the surrogacy process is choosing the woman who will carry your baby. Learn the questions to ask, topics to discuss ahead of time, and the pitfalls to avoid.


The Hostess

I’m Eloise Drane. Fertility Expert. Educator. The woman with a mission to empower people to own their journey.

Having been through the egg donation and surrogacy process myself, I know how challenging things can be (Believe me, I totally get it!). This journey isn’t for the faint-hearted and that’s what makes it ultra-special.

But things don’t have to be more complicated than they need to be. The whole process can be safe, ethical, and empowering for everyone involved.

That’s why I founded Family Inceptions – a full-service agency and created Surrogacy Roadmap™ – a course for intended parents. And the exact philosophy gave birth to Fertility Café – a podcast for real fertility solutions.

Whether it’s making the brave move to start a family through surrogacy or a choice to give a part of yourself as a surrogate or egg donor, I want to make sure you’ve got the knowledge, inspiration, and support you need throughout your journey.

Because I believe living with purpose and I believe we all have one in life. I believe in finding your calling and I believe in following it till your last breath. I believe in creating magic from the mess and I believe in infinite possibilities.

I believe in chasing your dreams and I believe in going the extra mile to help someone fulfill theirs.

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