Hosted By: Eloise Drane

Guest Speaker: Dr. Monica Best

Episode 03. Black Women and Infertility: Real Talk with Dr. Monica Best


Did you know black women are twice as likely to experience infertility but are half as likely to seek treatment? Top reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist Dr. Monica Best of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, GA joins Eloise in the Fertility Café to discuss black women and infertility, and why so many women are suffering in silence.

Step one is raising awareness and educating women on their bodies, the potential issues they may face in reproduction, and infertility. Step two is taking action. Getting women – black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Jewish… all of the women – to take the bold step to seek out answers to why they are having trouble conceiving. Taking that step can be an emotional roller coaster – even something as simple as making the appointment can be intimidating. In a way, it’s admitting that something may be wrong. It’s giving in to the voice that’s been whispering: “It should be working by now.” It’s acknowledging that the journey to parenthood isn’t going to be as easy as it was for their girlfriends, their sisters, or even their mother.

But what if we flipped the script on taking that next step? What if instead of it being a sign of defeat, it’s a sign of empowerment? You’ve spent months, maybe even years, sitting back and waiting on nature to take its course. You’ve be a passenger on your journey – it’s time to become the driver. Take control. Take action. It’s time to woman-up and get the answers you need – and deserve – to make your dreams of starting a family come true.

So let’s crack open the vault and cast out the mystery surrounding infertility among black women, how fertility is diagnosed in women (and men) of all races and ethnicities, and how you can preserve you future fertility now to keep from having issues in the future.

Here’s a sneak peek at the episode:

• (05:10) Dr. Monica Best discusses how open discussions about reproduction early on can help preserve future fertility

• (07:56) The reproductive issue that affects more than 80% of black women, more so than any other ethnicity or race

• (10:52) The signs that indicate it may be time to see a fertility specialist

• (13:22) Dr. Best walks you through the steps of diagnosing infertility

• (20:57) Infertility isn’t only a women’s issue – how does male infertility come into play?

• (27:05) When is the best time to look into freezing your eggs?

• (32:36) The uterus doesn’t age in the same way that eggs do – pregnancy rates and risks of miscarriage are tied to the age of the eggs in an embryo, not the age of the uterus carrying the embryo

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