Hosted By: Eloise Drane

Episode 04. Egg Donation 101: When It Takes a Village to Start a Family


After guiding hundreds of families through the egg donation process at her egg donation agency, Family Inceptions, and as a six-time donor herself, Eloise Drane has heard her fair share of misconceptions about modern family building through egg donation. In this episode, Eloise sets the record straight and provides the facts you need to know whether you are considering egg donation or are a future donor egg recipient.

Potential egg donors have one thing in common – the desire to give. But that giving heart doesn’t come without questions – How does the egg donation process work? Are there risks involved with egg donation? How does the compensation part work? Will I meet the intended parents or can this whole thing be done anonymously? Will I have enough eggs to have my own children one day? The good news is that these questions are 100% normal. And ultimately, the egg donor is in control of her journey every step of the way. Eloise will tackle each of these questions so you can feel confident moving forward and educated on the journey you are embarking on.

If you are an intended parent who’s already decided to use egg donation to make your dreams of a family a reality, the next big decision is whether you work with a fertility clinic in-house donor database, frozen egg bank, egg donation agency or go the independent route? Each has it’s pros and cons, and having your options laid out in front of you should help make the decision less overwhelming. Luckily, the egg donation process has evolved significantly and doesn’t involve as many unknowns as just a few years ago. The fresh vs. frozen cycle debate is pretty much null and void, as cryopreservation and thawing techniques have advanced.

The egg donation process doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In this fourth episode of Fertility Café, we’ll discuss all aspects of the egg donation journey: the biology behind it, how to get the process started, the professionals you need in your village, and the decisions you’ll need to consider along the way.

Here’s a sneak peek at the episode:

• (03:08) Let’s lay the foundation including the biology behind egg donation and common terms you’ll come across in your journey.

• (06:28) Is anonymous egg donation possible these days? I’ll break down the different egg donor arrangements – anonymous, semi-anonymous, known, and the rise of the Informational donor arrangement.

• (10:07) How I became an egg donor, and how it inspired me to start my egg donation agency.

• (12:52) Would you make a great egg donor? I review the qualifications you must meet, plus review the risks involved.

• (21:28) Should you work with a fertility clinic in-house donor database, frozen egg bank, egg donation agency or go the independent route? I’ll break down the pros and cons of each option.

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