Hosted By: Eloise Drane
Guest Speaker: Dr. Camille Hammond

Episode 07. Dr. Camille Hammond on Overcoming Infertility & Providing Hope Through Fertility Grants

May 13, 2020
It’s 2020, and there are still stigmas about infertility. Seriously?! With 1 in 6 US-based couples diagnosed as infertile, you’d think society would have come to terms with the idea that not everyone can conceive naturally, and accept that it’s totally normal to seek medical attention for any reproductive issues you may be facing. Unfortunately, we know that’s not the case. Whether it is prying questions like, “When are you going to have children?” or advice you never asked for such as, “Just relax and it will happen!”, any person or couple dealing with a diagnosis of infertility knows the stigma and uncomfortable conversations it carries with it. But it doesn’t need to continue on this way. 

In this week’s episode, Eloise talks with Dr. Camille Hammond – a physician, author, keynote speaker, CEO of the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, and infertile woman turned infertility advocate. In 2004, Dr. Hammond’s own mother, who was 55 years old at the time, served as a gestational carrier for Camille and her husband, Jason, carrying and giving birth to three healthy babies. Listen as Camille discussed her own journey with infertility, and how the strength and perseverance she developed to overcome the diagnosis turned her into a powerful advocate and voice for the growing number of people diagnosed with infertility.

But Dr. Camille Hammond didn’t stop there – after the extraordinary medical journey gave Camille and her husband Jason two boys and a girl, the couple decided to give back and help others still going through infertility by starting the Tinina Q Cade Foundation which, to date, has awarded over 100 families with fertility grants of up to $10,000 each. In this episode, Camille discusses her foundation and the fertility grant process, including how to apply and what her team looks for in applicants.

Here’s a sneak peek at the episode:

  • (02:59) Listen to Dr. Hammond’s story of infertility – from diagnosis to the delivery of triplets by her own mother – and why she continues to be a voice for infertile couples 
  • (08:04) “We believe that infertility should not be a barrier to anyone… If you have a heart to love and care for and raise a child, you should have that opportunity”
  • (08:56) How did it feel to have another woman – in this case, Dr. Hammond’s own mother — carry her babies for her as a gestational surrogate?
  • (11:29) “Start with what’s most important… Are you going to pursue pregnancy or parenthood?” Dr. Camille Hammond’s advice for listeners who may have just received news that their only option for having a baby is via surrogate.
  • (16:26) Ideas for sharing with a child that they were born via surrogate – celebrating without shame
  • (19:01) The role of faith in fertility – “Infertility is not a moral issue – it’s a medical issue.”
  • (24:49) What is the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation and who does it serve?
  • (27:03) “We want to be ambassadors of hope and encouragement… We want to help people realize the gift of parenthood.” Learn how the Cade Foundation funds ANY pathway to parenthood.
  • (27:49) How can you apply for a fertility grant with the Cade Foundation?
  • (29:52) Think through how you will spend the money before applying so you can hit the ground running. But don’t forget to talk with this IMPORTANT person first!


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